MIJ: Kitty Kraze

Hi guys; I actually made these a few weeks ago, but only recently got around to indexing them. Thought of this idea when I deecided to play around with different types of hair extensions ~ All the bodies are color changable <: Also, you must click “Set Transparency” for the bodies ONLY! 

Terms of Use (please read before uploading)

– Anybody is free to upload/recolor/edit any of my work that I post on this blog. My logo isn’t required for editing/recoloring.

– Please oh please credit me if you upload any of my work♥ I work hard on my free heads and bodies, and this is the only thing I ask for. I’m definitely not asking for you to change your status to credit me (although I’m touched :D ), but if somebody asks you who made your head/body, then please say “Latte” or give them this blog address. (The tinyurl is http://tinyurl.com/charmheart) Thank you for all your awesome support! Everyone’s been great about spreading the blog around Graal for me♥♥ Ily guys so much! C:



kittyqurlbody8 kittyqurl8kittyqurlbody7 kittyqurl7




Body and extension (both made by me) used:


About Latte

Hello♥ I'm Latte. I started pixel art and posting art in this blog around the same time in Oct/Nov 2011. The main reason why I started this blog was because I loved making heads/bodies, but couldn't possibly upload them all myself, so why let them collect dust on my computer? I enjoy seeing people upload or edit the works I make. It makes me feel happy to have contributed to their Graal experience, even in the smallest way. I'd also like to thank all of my supporters; I'm so grateful for where charmheart is today, and couldn't have done it without you. Thank you!

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  2. I’m so glad that you added the non-extension version of the body as well. Thank you!

  3. perfect i will uplaod it 😀

  4. That body is changeable? 😮

  5. can u latte make for me dresses and customs for the bloned first long hair or no but plz plz plz

  6. Have you made any extension bodies with the legs that cross when you sit down? If so, what month would I look in? Thanks! x

  7. the body has a green background around it

  8. I just wanna say I absolutely LOVE your work latte! ^_^ I actually was able to save up enough to upload this custom and I love it! It is sooo adorbs and I know a lot of others like it as well because I have many people asking me about it and i’m like “You gotta go to Latte’s Charmheart blog!!!” I got the black-haired custom with out the red streaks and it is really cute! ❤ The only thing I didn't like is when I change the pants color, the extensions change too, which is not a prob because the character looks uber cute sporting black shorts and a green shirt to match her eye color. 🙂 Anyways, I look forward to seeing more of what you come up with because it is FANTASTIC!

    • Thanks, that’s super kind of you!! <33 I wasn't aware of the body color-changing issue, I appreciate you letting me know. Thanks again for supporting the blog and I ❤

    • Wait, opps im sorry! I just realized it’s when I change the shoe color the extensions change, not the pants. I don’t know if that makes a difference or not. Sorry for the mix up :3

  9. love this so much!!!

  10. It won’t let me upload some stuff….idk what’s wrong help me! X3 BTW this is my 1st post EVER on here so yah :3

  11. It’s won’t let me upload the head or body from the post “Kitty Kraze” It’s so cute thts why I want it! Plz help BTW I’m on iPad mini. Ty :3

    • Hiya; thanks! Glad you like it 😀 As of right now, it’s not possible to upload a head/body via Apple mobile device (iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc). You’ll need to follow the upload instructions using a computer.

  12. :3 I just like to post XD But still I need some help. I think the iPad is the problem. Latte help! ;3

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