I’m Latte, also known as Ashley ~ This blog was originally going to be for game reviews, but overtime, it has transformed into my Graal GFX art blog.


Birthday: March 19th

I’m an 18 year old girl that loves to draw, write, and compose music. I seemed to have a natural knack for fashion design, and eventually decided I wanted to look into the fashion industry. From magazines and getting involved in the modeling industry on IMVU, I learned a ton about colors, style, and marketing yourself. I later moved on to Graal. When I began pixel art, my mission was to bring a broader, more innovative variety of bodies to Graal.

About The Art Posted on CharmHeart

I do a specific type of art for CharmHeart. I try to create heads and bodies that the majority of people can enjoy, and also isn’t too difficult to edit and play with on your own. I try to bring life into simple ideas and concepts, and give every piece of art its own attitude. The style of art I do for CharmHeart isn’t necessarily a representative of what I’m capable of in pixel art, but CharmHeart often acts like a sketchbook of ideas or exercises, and helps a lot with my artistic development.

  1. How do u make a site latte :D?

    • You need to use a website builder, such as WordPress, Weebly, Wix.com. They’re pretty easy to use but here’s the stats.

      WordPress- It’s not too difficult, but it provides a lot of configuration for advanced computer users, so it might be easy to get lost.

      Weebly- Pretty easy to manage.

      Wix – Runs on Flash, so people on iPods and iPads can’t see it. But it’s probably the easiest of the two

    • Ohh xD

  2. °«Véñöm»°

    There was a grey and black stripped body on you’re website and now it’s gone.:/ I really wanted to upload it so I was wondering if there was any way you could repost it? My name on Graal is the same and I’m usually wearing GuMmy PiMp’s tag or Characters Japan’s tag.please pm me with a reply.thank you 🙂

    • I appreciate your interest to upload something from the blog c: However, I can’t repost or redistribute that body because the original maker requested I take it down :\ Sorry >o<

  3. how do i make my own head/body/shield/sword????!!!!!????!!!???

  4. dont leave me :0 ;(‘

  5. latte can i have a free body :O cuz well i only have one body D:

  6. Summerrain

    Umm i have a qestion do you have to be a memeber to use the bodies and heads and stuff

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