Monthly Archives: April 2011

New Show & Picture of the (W.I.P) Studio


Hey everyone! Above is a picture of the studio so far. I don’t know why, but Graal is having a glitch whereas it’s telling me I don’t have a guild house lol. But I do. So yeah… Anyhow, here’s a preview on what the show is going to be about!

Name: Exposé
What it is: Random Graal skits strung together about different Graal topics.
Purpose: to make fun, and show how ridiculous some Graal issues are.
How many people needed?: varies ;o

I know I told everyone on Graal it’d be a talk show, but all the ideas I got for those were boring. This seems more fun and interesting, and can involve more people! \o/


New Music Video- E.T. by Katy Perry!

Hey guys, just made a new music video. 🙂 It’s the E.T. without Kanye West. So anyhow, here’s the video! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Graal Codes (FYI- mostly for girls!)


These are some Graal codes I like. I use the iPad 2, and I’ve tried all of these codes on the Graal app. They all work. This will definitely be updated!

setshield heartbeat-shield.gif – glowing blue circle w/ white glow
setshield soulmistressheart-bypavilion75-shield.png- big heart necklace
setshield ipanda-shield1.png – heart w/ panda necklace
setshield j-cutie-shield.png – I’m with Cutie sign
setshield jp-censored-beatingheart.gif – beating heart
setshield kawaiisaria-shield.png – detailed heart shield
setshield lolli-glow001.png – body glow- only for men
setshield lovenecklace_shield.mng – love necklace, turns many colors
setshield microphone-shield.png – microphone
setshield mynana-shield.gif – banana
setshield mystglass-shieldbig.mng – big glass shield
setshield newmoon-shield.gif – big cool detailed red shield
setshield noxflover-shield.png – cute small detailed flower
setshield noxdoc-shield.gif – black shield with medic cross pulsing
setshield pix-pulse-necklace.gif – necklace with word ‘pulse’, changing colors, white shine
setshield sakurisblu3andp1nkfl4shingsc4rfandnecklace.gif – red scarf, with pulsing colors of S
setshield sash-lute-shield.gif – ukelele
setshield skullstaff-shield.gif – plain skull staff
setshield slagsheart-shield.gif – black beating heart
setshield sn0w-cut13-n3ck13c3-shield1.png – necklace with word snow
setshield straw-berry.png – necklace with word straw in berry colors
setshield stylez-elite-suit-shield-1.gif – awesome black tux with wand
setshield stylez-elite-suit-shield-2.gif – awesome white tux with wand
setshield stylez-elitesuit-shield.png – transparent tux; tux is color of body
setshield tseng-shield.gif – blue shield that pulses down
setshield symm-wingscarf-lightblue-shield.png – light blue wings and scarf
setshield stellabella_blackheart_wings.png – black wings with heart necklace
setshield Andy-gothic-bunny-shield.png – black boyish wings and scarf and red cross necklace
setshield crazys_bubble-gum.gif – animated pink bubble
setshield alinas_glow_shield_purple.png – huge glow in front of you. also in red, orange, and green.