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Here’s some eye-candy for your avatar. Feel free to use em to your pleasure. You can even edit them for yourself, no problem, no credit necessary. c:

*NOTE: Only works for iClassic. Sorry D: However iEra players may take/upload these shields as well, of course.

setshield latteshield-001.png

setshield latteshield-002.png

setshield latteshield-003.png

setshield latteshield-004.png

setshield latteshield-005.png

setshield latteshield-006.png

setshield latteshield-007.png

setshield latteshield-008.png

setshield latteshield-009.png [NEW]


setshield latteshield-blackextensions.png

setshield latteshield-blondeextensions.png

setshield latteshield-whiteextensions.png

setshield latteshield-hawtscarf1

setshield latteshield-heartbeat.gif

setshield wedding_shield.png

setshield latte_scarf_stripes_br_shield.png

setshield latte_sweet_scarf_shield_white.png

  1. ;D i love it ;D soooo pretty codes

  2. these codes are free?:p

  3. Wow, I don’t know how your so good at making these stuff your amazing!

  4. Can you maybe make a brunette extension?


  6. Doesn’t work in iEra 😦 i was going to be a big hit.

  7. does these long hair codes go with anyheads?

    • Yes, the blonde one is particularly made for my blonde Lovely Shy head (Kate’s recolor version). The black one goes with most black heads it appears 😮 The white one goes with the white noob head

  8. latte you rock oh and my name on graal is jaymie

  9. latte :o, if i recolor it red would it fit onto that one head i made that u edited?

    • 😮 I’m not sure.. I think the extensions have a slightly different shading pattern than your head. So you might need to re-shade the extension if you want it to melt in with the Sweet Lady heads

  10. HEy latte what website do u use 2 upload heads,bodys,etc
    Plz anwer this QUESTION
    😊i luv ur creations I HOPE U WILL MAKE ME 1 LIKE U MADE 4 THE OTHER PPL

    • Thanks ❤ I use for the blog, and I use Photoshop CS5 for editing. c: Also, due to real life issues, I'm not taking any requests for heads/bodies at the moment, sorry. ^^;

  11. Ooooooh lol, awesomeee<33333

  12. Ok i understand and im still a fan!

  13. awesome stuff latte even though im boy i love your artwork

  14. May I ask, Will you be doing an easter collection?

  15. Christina . F

    Could u make a two-piggytail-braids?
    -Arrietty (your friend lol)

  16. make me a sammich v.v

  17. Mr. Hamsteriffic

    HEY LATTE! Omg your artwork is THE BEST and I, well, im speechless… btw my name is mr. hamsteriffic in graal classic. pm me!

  18. Please do a briefcase

  19. Lovely 😀

  20. Wow lovely work latte ur graphics are the BEST 😀

  21. Will u make a body with wings that looks like ur flying with the black circle underneath u with ur legs bent pls

  22. HAMWDWA !! Head stealer

  23. fire and dead


  24. im sad. i got my ipod replaced cuz it had a crack and i couldnt sinc it so i had all my data earased and i lost my graal and i just got 500 hours and i was in haileyhartgraals guild and im just so sad……….\

  25. §NutterButter§

    I love the codes you make! ❤ §NutterButter§

  26. These codes are fansatic!

  27. Omg can you make a pirate thyme for the opening of York town ! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Ilovefashion189

    Goodbye you’ve done great work:D I wish u the best luck in collage

  29. latte im inlove with ur heads and bodies^.^…!!

  30. nemolicious


  31. Nice Templates =]

  32. Just uploaded a red version of the hair extensions, it is compatible with the shading of windy hair head. Say setshield redhair-shield.png. ^-^

  33. Can u add more scarves and such to the gift shop?

  34. make more red heads?

  35. Dark purple curls? For the head that used to be in swamp town flea market

  36. latte can you make a girl jersey that is white whith light pink thx

  37. Hey, purplepokadots have some cool heads cheak them oput at


  38. Luv the extensions however they only work on classic. Bad news is imma noob there 😦

  39. Hmmm, seeing you upload these great shields are making me want to help u make some 😛

  40. «Kåÿlå» påñdå Dëmøn

    I love her website 😀 😛 COOL WENBSITE XD

  41. omg u spent 16 hundred on those! wow good job! 😀

  42. I love the scarf 😀

  43. Whaaat? doesn’t work on era 😦

  44. Your the besst!!

  45. I Love The Codes!<3

  46. socute latte socute

  47. Leader Poppy (Swifties)


  48. Which codes work in era?

  49. They don’t work !

  50. I like dis… Imma try em

  51. i want to see more plz 😥

  52. look me up on graal 😉 im =3 ELLI E= (OnceUponATime)

  53. 🙂 😉 😀 ;D thats all =3 ^w^

  54. hi i changed my name now im =3 EDM E= (ELLIS AND BFFS)

  55. The black hair extension doesn’t work

  56. xluahndawnx


  57. Can I play in the computer with a iCloud …

  58. he latte umm can u please make some
    scarf and hair extension shields

  59. Hello!!! Thats Fabulous Girls!!! Youre the besties.



  62. hellomynameis

    I love the codes but do u know a smoking code please tell me my name in graal is Nina and if u don’t know witch one is me well look my gang up it called HOBOZ and ill be the leader tysm bye just text me the code

  63. Can you make a red curly hair extension?

  64. You, Lotte, are a totally amazing person for making this site, it helps so many people, including me, and for that, you deserve more than just the biggest thanks in the world. Happy new year 2016.

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