Contact Me

If you wish to contact me, please email all your concerns to OR private message me on Graal, username is Latte c:

I am NOT taking personal GFX requests– which means if you want me to make you a head/body/ shield etc that’s only for yourself, I’m not able to do it.

However, if you have ideas for the blog, I’m always open to hear you out. 

  1. Ok latte can you please make me a body:) I would like it to be one of those ciurcus dress the ones with the body suit and cape ….. but if it does not suite your taste its fine:( If so can u make something like that, kinda like the ciurcus feel to it please would really apreciate it:)

    your friend and lover of ur work

  2. Hey latte i love ur website ^^ its amazing ur a good head – body maker hers what i came here for ! i really need a boy head like a nice recolor and a body to mach! be creative i know u are 😀 so gd luck IF u wanna make them its ur choice i dont want to force any 1 here

  3. oh really! thx the great Latte will make me a head and bdoy OHH WOW BTW i check ur heads every day nice animalheads there so cute

  4. i am soooo HAPPY 😀

  5. Hey latte I have a suggestion ok in this picture I suggested that u might make the body that she has in the pic :3

  6. Katari (graal classic)

    😡 I am so mad at u guys!!! I ordered a long wedding dress from one of ur members and she gave me a already made short dress!!!!! The thing that makes me actually mad is that u then go and make that long dress and u steal MY IDEA!!!!! 😡

    • I think this is a hugeee misunderstanding. 😮

      1) This is my art blog, NOT Etoile’s art blog. Yes, I had Etoile’s guild description on here, but in no way is this art blog a collaboration of Etoile’s artists. This is all me, unless I say a head/body was made by so-and-so, which has only happened once thus far.

      2) I have never heard of anyone ordering anything from a member of my guild. I agree that they shouldn’t have given you my dress if you directly asked them to make it custom for you.

      3) The wedding dresses I make are for actual friends’ weddings. I ask them how they want their dress, and I do it. It had nothing to do with an idea I heard of beforehand.

  7. Latte, I’ve heard about the striped bunny slipper bodes that can change colors. I was wondering if these were real, and if you could make one. Thanks 🙂

  8. Hey this doesn’t have anything to do with heads and bodies, but i uploaded it, now how do i put it on? I never got a code and it didn’t appear in my shields

    • You’re talking about a shield, right? Weird the code didn’t show up… If it’s a public upload, the code is the exact same as the file. If it’s a private upload… Not sure how to help you there D:

  9. Are you any good with spiking hair up?:0

  10. Lol xD can you try spiking up my head from the views? i already started it but it kinda sucks xP I’ll say all the details in the email:o?

  11. latte, can u make me a vintage dress (: please 😀

    • Oh vintage!! That’s a style I haven’t tried out yet. 😮 I’ll look into it c; Are you asking for a personal dress, or is this a suggestion for the blog in general?

  12. Hey latte everyones heard about the backpack head and body but their all in blonde!! So i found the heads and bodies and i was going to recolor them but when i went to recolor them they came out all blurry. Do you know why?

    • Hmmm… Well, there are two possibilities.

      1) If you found them off of, you may have saved the slightly blurred thumbnail instead of the actual template. What I mean is that, before saving, you need to click the picture first and then save it.

      2) Although I don’t know how it’d make it blurred, some artists make their work indexed so that regular pixel artists can’t just color over it.

  13. Hey I would really like it if u could make me a body a pretty one – how ever you like thank you very much!

    • :0 Do you mean a personal body that I don’t post on the blog? I don’t really do that for people unless they’re a close friend or a close friend of a close friend >o< Sorryy

  14. Helllo Latte! It is me Olivia from the modeling agency in Graal! I love your website! I started a website as well, but im really confused with using it!? Yesterday I started and now i wanted to add more head templates and i didnt know how :$ So if you think you could message me on graal (JulieBear) or just post a comment it would be greatly appreciated! 😀

    Thanks ❤
    From Olivia (JulieBear)

  15. Hey Latte, I edited the Lovely Formal head to make it blink but it says missing transperancy D: what do I do?Ive tried everything i know.

    • Hmmm.. The only way I can think of is that you have the background on every slide. “Set Transparency” doesn’t work on .gif’s, I think. You need to delete the background on every slide, and not click “Set Transparency”. 😮 If that doesn’t work, email me at

  16. You should have a search bar, it would be easier to find posts 🙂

    • Sure 😮 I’ll add tomorrow cause im on ipad

      • latte could u make a long weding dress, and shield heres to ideas a ring or weding hat, i dont really care if it goes on ur website, the dress could u make it all white or make it like some one splateed all cool colors on it i would love that, all so if you can could you email me saying yes if its a yes or u can put in coments, i dont know how to make heads, i would love that all so if u would make it could u make a cute cute red or perpule head im white so could u make one for black and one for white people, sorry my whiteing is bad i have big nails on.

      • 😮 I did make a long wedding dress a month or so ago here: Unless you mean another one? Because of how much work creating a whole new wedding dress would be, I’m not sure I’ll do that, but it will go in my idea list c: But I’ll definitely consider the ring shield/wedding hat and your head idea ^-^ Thanks<3

  17. OMG u do not know how much i’v been looking that i swear TO GOD IM TEARING RIGHT NOW!! can u please take off latte on a head and body ill pm u in graal 😀 IM JUST SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY 😀 😀 IM THE QWEEN OF HAPPYNESS!!! btw u do VERY gr8 work!!

  18. Hey latte i was looking at the top of your website with the cute girls in a line (at the very top to the right of the heading of the website. They’re all of your creations) and the fifth one over from the right is a head i’ve never seen on your website. (its a blonde and red one with a bikini body) do you know where i can find that head?? Thanks!

  19. I am going to take one of your designs (I am a designer to) I am just using the eyes as a model type kinda basically I am taking the head changing the hair color changing the eyes color and lashes and the whole face but I have a question what software do you use when looking at your videos it seems like you use very like copy paste fill in kinda stuff. But they are so fast I can’t tell.

    I would love if you emailed me back also I can send the finished work to you if you would like please email me back with your response thanks!

  20. I have 1 more question what software do you use just asking??

  21. I am going to send you a design I made I mark my designs’ with a B.A.D since I am considered the B.A.D graaler 😛

  22. Hey latte i was editing a head (eye color and little things) and when i went to upload it, it said it was a .gif file, how do i change it to a .gif file? D: please help!

  23. Also, it was your newest head. the one headed ‘Well this is different o:.’ so i edited the eye color (to red) and it said its not a .gif file, but when i uploaded the one with green eyes it worked.

    • To change the file type, when you’re going to save the image, you know where you type in the file name to name it? Right under that is the format you’re going to save it as. You click on that and a bunch of options will come up; look for .gif. ^_^ Although I don’t know what happened there, in your second comment… That’s weird. o.o

      • Well i use an iMac and i just right click it and i choose ‘Save Image As’ and then u name it and the thing under that is where you want to save it to, so i don’t think i have that icon.

  24. Dear , Latte i love your blog! you are doing a good job well… i need somthing from you. , i would like a male head! with a diffrent hair cut that also blinks , answer me back with a yes or no PLEASE dont say mabye it is your choice in not forcing you. thanks 😀

    • I’m sorry, no, I’m not taking any requests at the moment due to real life issues :c I just made that update after you commented so you wouldn’t have known, so it’s alright xD

  25. 😦 oh i only said if u have time.

  26. Hey Latte~! 🙂 Chai here :3 Just wanted to ask, is Photoshop CS5 free? Please reply if you have time 🙂 Thank you~! 😀

  27. Latte 😦 what are these heas?! why? you were so much better! what happned you were the best. fix this Latte or you will lose your fans NOT to say your not good your amazing your brilliant! 🙂 i hope you fix it im a fan 😉

  28. Just a suggestion. Have you ever thought of doing a body with high heels As the shoes? It might be hard… But I think it’s a good idea!

    • 😮 Sounds like a challenge; I might consider it!

      • hey latte i dunno if you remeber me cause i havent been on in a while because my parents took my ipod away because Im having a bigger load of homework. SOO ive been thinking about making a gfx blog do you have any ideas for me???

        (i think my signature or name or comment goes here even though that would be boring)

        -Mocha 😛

      • Of course I remember you! c: Ideas? Like… Hmm… Well, I suggest using, cause I think it’s really the best free website for blogs. Art ideas? Spring is pretty in right now, so go for bright colors, light springy hair. Also, another tip, try to focus more on quality than quantity unless you have to; because I’ve done that, not a good place to be ono;

  29. yo latte! ideas for both heads and bodies! for the head you should do just a normal braid, and then for the body maybe a medeum length sky blue dress ( heh… trying for the hunger games style, like neon capital and katniss and stuff style.)

  30. here are some eye colors that go good with certain hair colors.

    brown hair-blue eyes

    brown hair- hazel eyes

    blonde hair-brown eyes

    blonde hair-green eyes

    basicly, green goes good with any hair color ^o^

  31. TY soooo much latte!! im actually going to start working on that now ty so much !!!

  32. lol how much do u make heads

  33. how do i make my own head

  34. I LOVED IPINKS HEADS<3 they are epic. Good job iPink:) & Latte

  35. Hey Latte! can you get me the dress without the tie? c: ty! ❤

  36. how do i set transparity?

  37. Rikaru Myushi

    You are amazing at what you do. Keep it up!

  38. rebeccaboo123

    Hey latte! I love ur heads and bodies:3 And can I have a suggestion? I got ur head and it’s a cat head but I can’t find a tail fits the head can u make one plz?(cute bodies and heads are hot too :))

  39. Your really good on making bodies and heads, but i would love for you to make heads that have long hair. Ive been wanting to get a head like that. Keep up the good work Latte!

  40. is it possible for you to make a head with nerd glasses? if u dont have time or dont like the style, you dont have too! thxx~

    • 😮 It’s a cute idea and I’ve done it before, but you’re not allowed to have any hat-like items on your head, and glasses count. Usually your upload would get accepted anyway, but lately they’ve been much more strict :\

  41. Hey Latte! Huge fan of your work 😛 I was wondering if it’s possible to make a wavy or curly hair head with like square or nerdy glasses x3? I’m trying to upload a head that reflects me, so what better than a nerdy , curly hair head, right? x3 Hope you can try it, your fan, Laura :]

  42. can u plz make a code for graal era the matches i pinks blonde hair design? u dont have to ::::::)

  43. hey latte! c: Can you make me a body like a hoodie?

  44. I Loev ALL of your heads and bodies! and its amazing because i play iEra, and friends gang which im in is called latte, so i can help support the gang 😀 and idk if i could juust not find your email, but i wanted to leave a request. i recently just started to follow charmheart, and i have been searching the pages for a side braid with brown hair. (after Katniss) but i’ll keep looking because i doubt you look at all of these : )

  45. Latte, I was wondering, since you’re busy at times and you pretty much make all this fantastic gfx by yourself. Would you want a second hand to help you? For example, would you want an “admin” (or whatever you want to call the person) to also make heads and bodies? I don’t mind to take credit, just looking to help a gfx website (:! If you’d like to see my heads I’d made contacts me @ graal classic. Type in “JOAS” when you’re searching and my name “Ray” will appear. We’ll type and see what you’d decide? Thank you Latte.

  46. candy here again,do u play graal era theres a gang named latte!

  47. Hwey latte! its PoPular KinG , can you put up my blog? please? ,,,, THANKS 😀

  48. Hey latte!!! ive been wondering if you can maybe show a tutorial of how to make a gif head on gimp or something because i really want to try to make one but i don’t know how to and i think your really good at GFX so i would really would love to see that! ~Ninja ;D

    P.S i would love to see more like colorful ninja like heads/bodys

  49. Can I edit/Recoler some heads?

  50. hey latte :3 its jenna ;D i was just wondering what program u use. when i try to edit your .gifs, it comes up as a video and i cant do anything but watch it over and over again Dx i use Pixen cuz im a mac user. So again i just wanna know cuz i really wanna be like you!! c: thanx again ~jenna*

  51. Hi latte, I have a new blog and it’s about reviews on gfx sites and I was wondering if I could do a review on your site?

  52. Oki Thxs I will be probability done today and then I will email u

  53. Hey its me Hawaiian Beauty! I love your bodies and heads and i was wondering i if u can make a dress for me…the one when u sit down it looks like your legs are crossed and there showing and i want it to be plain black! Its tottaly fine if u cant do it and if u have time thnx :(….k well thnx Latte! Your the best

  54. Water-Breeze

    U USE SCRATCH!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!?????

  55. hey latte, i was wondering if u know how to make custom shields???

  56. Latte, i’m on my macbook and i can’t figure out how to save the head i want to upload as a file. Could you help me?

    • Sorry I know little to nothing about Mac’s LOL.. ;-; My best advice is to google “how to save an image on -whichever model of macbook you have-“

  57. hi latte! everyone i know on graal admires your customs! i play graal era. i just cant get into classic for some reason. so my names Yazzi, hit me up anytime!

  58. cool heads latte <333333333333333

  59. How about celebrity inspired head & bodies like justin bieber or selena gomez <333 my idols or maybe even ariana grande! o & another idea, old fashioned style & maybe a macaroon dress

  60. Here is an idea. You could do a collection of food dresses. It may be hard work but I think you can put some consideration into it. Preztel maybe, French fries? If you want more ideas you can shoot me a pm on Graal Era. My name is Baoxuan(Madnes). Your welcome 😀

  61. You dont make/edit alot of guy heads so would you mind posting some up?

  62. hey can u make a long hair body and what the hair is balck?. and that the boddy is cc with the backpack to ? i would love it ^.^!

  63. Latte can you do a dress shoe template? Like the one you did for the Christmas body you were gonna keep for yourself ^_^ if you can’t I understand :3

  64. Hey, my friend uploaded a really nice head with pink hair for me awhile ago, it’s a head with long hair, and I’ve also got a bunnyslippersuit body with long hair. My friend is quitting D; , and I wanted to ask if you could make a body that matches with my head. I’d like a backpack one, like the blonde hair extensions one. Thanks for reading, I love your website =D.

  65. Hai Latte, I just wanted to say I ❤ Your work !! Your an amazing gfx artist :). Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR ;D -woot-

  66. hi latte im a big fan i need to know when are you going to choose the admins for this blog and im pretty excited so i applied so can give us the dates.

    P.S if u want to contact just search me in ur guild etoile or email me

  67. Hi Latte! I had a few ideas for your blog:
    – varsity jackets
    -high-low dresses(google it)
    -mini skirts

    Big Fan!

  68. Hey. Latte can we you change the colors for the ammo like outfit with the wings and bunny slippers?

  69. hii its Marshmallow! i was just wondering if i could ever post any of my gfx on this site(: if you need to answer by email, here’s my email: c:

  70. Bunny Boo (Leslie)

    Latte, I love your page! But I need some help… please message me on graal. When your not busy! You can reach me at Bunny Boo! Please and thank you!^~^

  71. i have an idea for a body: (fashion trend) a big sweater body? if that would work

  72. melissagraal

    Hiya! I don’t think you know me. Just wanting to say I think your an amazing gfx artist 🙂 I want to give you a few ideas on heads n’ bodies..

    1. A red, long, dress(body) that is either indexed and has high heels!
    2. A body shaped as a “normal” dress (like those dresses from graal depot) with a tie in the front and a backpack hanging on the back, recommending colors black and grey
    3. A head, peachy skin color, blushing a bit, wavy hair; hazel color, green eyes…

    Not much of ideas 😮 But stil, not forcing you to do any of these! Keep up the work 🙂

  73. You should make a lot of princess bodies or long puffy dresses ;o and heads too

  74. Omg yes make oversized sweater:O with leggings!!!!!!!

  75. I LOVE UR GFX plz make me a body… It’s a cc backpack body and the backpack body has a backpack still when you die or sit down or whatevar no logo kayyyyy bai LOVE YA!!!

  76. Hey,latte i need some help how could i copy the poll code to my web like you?:)

  77. Latte can you please make a vintage looking dress please

  78. Hello Latte 🙂 I have a few suggestions for you!:

    1. A ballet body- white leotard, with white tites, and pink leg warmers.
    2. Summer head- striped purple&pink bow on left side of head, with curly hair, earrings, new style of eyes (trying to be more on the cute side), an animated smile (that grins slightly, then smiles), and shifts.
    3. Edit the first boy head you made, so that it turns out to be a girl head.

    These are just some ideas I got ^.^ I hope maybe one of ‘me interests you!

  79. SweetHearties

    Hello Latte!!!!
    I Have Few Suggestions, I Want a Boy Head Maybe lol

  80. Hey Latte 🙂 your work is just awesome 😀 im sure you are one of the top 3 gfx artists !
    I just have one question lmao, i really need to know, how to recolour a head to blonde hair!

    Hope you can help me ^_^

  81. May i could get an answer :o??

  82. Pìkàchù .:*Áshléy*:.

    xD Haii Latte!! i Juz Wanted To Say That i Am a Big Fan of Animes And ur Website xD So i Have lot Of Ideas and I Really Draw Animes But Not like The Manga’s Artists so i Am Willing To Make a Heads and Might Bodies So if i Made Some Good Heads/Bodies Will Ya Share it in Here? ik Nothing in WordPress Yet. xD so idk How To Join u Guys ^^” So u Juz Can Write From Pika-Chanx3 ! XD Well Making Maybe 5 and then giving u^^ ! Thanks ~ Pika-Chanx3. “Note: i Am Willing To Make my Main Anime Characters That i draw (Dark Jester-Light Jester) xD They have Powers lol”

  83. I have a suggestion: for a body! How about a tube top, a jacket, a skirt, and boots? Blue and white colors. :0 It would be absolutely lovely *o*

  84. Latte I know you don’t take requests this isn’t a request. Please visit I have a body called ‘cute body’ it’s meant to be indexed but won’t work please can you try fix this then post it on your site. ❤ BuBBles

  85. heyoo!, I love your guys! You guys make the best heads😋 love it! Just one thing.. Never quit! Oh and um.. I have this little request.. not to make me a head or body or anything.. Umh well can you make one of my heads blink? I’m so sad:( no one had replied to me but.. I hope you guys will .. If so, just send me an email😭

  86. hey Latte, I’m a gfx artist myself and I do index bodies, however I’m not sure what to do when I’m indexing a body with more than seven colors, which sucks because I can’t recolor and then index extension bodies for my site . If you get a chance can you give me some advice?

    • Hi Emmr! Yes, you see, you only need to worry about the first 7 colors when indexing a body. All the other colors on the body don’t get affected and remain the same. So for example, for bodies with hair extensions, all I have to do is index the colors on the body itself, not the hair. Then I save the body and it should work if there’s no solid black or white. Does that make sense?

  87. haii ^.^
    i wanted to know if you would consider rediting the cape body.
    with no cape or sleeves xD pleeease!
    i is soo hard to find a girl body with sneakers xD
    i just want a utility belt and sneakers, no sleeves.
    and its impossible to find.
    please and ty! :3

  88. did you make the head that kinda has on side shaved and it’s got like a brownish bonde head becaose it looks so awesom DX

  89. Hey my name is infinity,
    I play era :3
    I was thinking… and I think that it would be really cool if you were able to make a galaxy dress. I have heaps of friends on graal who agree. not personal though I don’t mind if you use it or not. thanks
    love your customs

  90. Are u taking requests? Just for indexing if u have time ill email u the body thnxs ._.

  91. latte,
    you should make more sweater weather bodys but diffrent patterns and you know what would be cool if you made gamer outfits for girls and anime outfits like like soul eater make makas coat wears all the time but these are just suggestion. butt add me on graal please name on era and classic<3GamerKitty<3.
    GamerKitty :3

  92. When I make it with photo shop, I usually have the problem of it having one solid colored block and a bunch of transparent around it when I try coloring one picial, how would I make it color just one pical?

    • You’re probably using the brush tool. You need to use the pencil tool and set the size to 1. To get to the pencil tool, click and hold on the brush tool, and different tools should come up as options. The pencil tool should be there.

  93. latte, you should make ombre heads that would be sooo pretty!!!!!!!!
    yourfriend, GamerKitty

  94. dera charmheart i love this body u got ombre and dip dye but i just want the body without the extentions so can u just remove it or just email me at the source of that thanks – halawyat

  95. Latte, i really have a Problem: I want to upload for my graalfriend a body, which i made.
    But I can’t send it because the body is named (sofie-körper.jpg), they want a (.png) at the End. I dont have any Ideas what i should do.. How can i change this?

    • Download a program called “GIMP”. Once it’s downloaded, open it on GIMP, and then click “Save as…” and remove the “.jpg” at the end of the name and replace it with “.png”. That should convert it c:

  96. Your art is amazing. Your new head/title art is gorgeous, all of your drawings are just so good. I am really so jealous, and really just wow. haha, Find me on graal sometime! My name is Monday

  97. would you be willing to make a personal head if I paid you?

  98. is it ok if i edit one of your heads/bodies and still give you credit?

  99. idk latte if u able to do this or no but i really want it its an idea for yousite not a rec so a sweater with long wavy hair like tje ketty one and bbunny slippers i like ur gfx so mmuch waah i wish i xould be like u ❤

  100. what program do you use for gfx

    • I use Photoshop CS6, but it’s rather unnecessary for just pixel art. I use Photoshop because I do other types of graphic art as well. GIMP is free and good for pixel art.

  101. UGH IT KEEPS SAYINInvalid file extension: .jpg. Try saving the file using a different program!

    • That’s odd; I always save my files as a .png. Hmm.. if you’re saving the file from an Apple device, it will automatically save as a .jpg. Is that the issue? How are you saving the files?

  102. MAKE MORE GUY BODIES! Idk how many times I keep coming to your site lol. But having little bodies for your guy fans feels not ok..

  103. I was wondering if you can make me a body. I really ned like a schooly oufiet. THANKS!!

  104. Latte can you help me on a .gif head i created? everytime I upload backgrounds show up even though i made it transparent :,(
    Check your email, I sent you the Head.
    Keep Rockin’ the Website!

  105. hey you should make some non dress bodies,maybe like a backpack body… i love your work. I would love to see you making more bodies and heads, -COOKIE

  106. latte can u make me a sweater body with a scarf on it?

  107. Hey Latte! I’m Breann Faye! I was wondering if you could make a body with bunny slippers and a backpack. And make it color changeable. Could you?

    Graal: Fayeee (Hipster xoxo)

  108. Can u make a body that’s really girly but hipster at the same time please😁😬👏

  109. My name on graal is …:::kitty kacey:::… I really head a body with blonde plat extensions 😦 like a dress or a cute sweater or something . Plz reply

  110. Hey latte,
    I need your help with something in graal and for uploading so I will add you and will u help me?😊please

    From your loving fan ~hersheygamer10~

  111. How can I upload spring suspenders

  112. Isebella Demando

    Latte can u make me a spring shorts with a red hair extenstion? plz answer me

  113. About the 1.gif , 1-1.gif , 1-2.gif , and 1-3.gif the one that Miss Insanity have. I can not upload it. It said “Inappropriate usage..” Am I the only one that is having problem with this head upload?

  114. Latte make more matching girl and boy custom :3

  115. hellomynameis

    hey latte do u know a smoke code I could have in graal look my gang up HOBOZ im the leader only if u know thanks if u do and it ok if u don’t atleast u tried cx baiiiii

  116. I just started and I need help with my site you can also contact me from graal classic @orginal berry blue my guild is fallen tears I’m the leader can ibuse some of our work to boost my site a start please thx

  117. hi i use your pic with the girls one!!!
    I posted it in my website telling everyone to visit your website,is that okay?
    Check my blog in


    It would be reaaally nice if you could make a Death Gun (From Gun Gale Online) Head and Body Desgin. For that you have to know how he look under his coat and with his coat. ^-^

  119. HEYYYYYY ok first of all. How was your day? Annnddddd second of all your an amazing GFX artist ANNNDDDD third of all do you think you could make a country-style, long sleeved, dark blue flannel? I think it would look amazing! Of course all of your work does but anyways I’d appreciated it of you could try and make that. Ok sorry for the bother!
    ~Airmill :3

  120. Hello i play graal and I wold love it if you could make a cat code😁😁Thank you if you are reading this🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

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