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Other graphics blogs you should check out if you like my work ❤

(Notice: Every time I update this list, I typically remove some websites that weren’t active for a few months. If you want your website re-posted and are intending to make it active again, just mention it to me <3)

Last updated: Oct 13th, 2013

My boyfriend’s blog (MrSimons) ❤ He doesn’t focus on templates, he mostly posts to share the various pixel art he does o: Take a look c:

This girl started her blog before I started mine; she’s been posting graphics for a long time, and has my respect ❤ I hope you continue posting Jani cos I love your stuff!

Owned by 3 people (Clove, Melissa, Xavier), this blog has a combination of their art as well as some found on other websites. I saw some awesome body previews; check em out for yourself!

One of the best graphics blogs I’ve seen, she really puts detail into her work like you don’t find in many blogs. I can guarantee you’ll find something you like here.

An active blogette, she has adorable things and edits in a cute art style you’ll enjoy! She has a lot of face changes of some of this blog’s recent heads, so if you don’t like the face I made them with, she potentially has it available with a different one!

These guys have adorable popular graphics, they’re a good site to visit when picking new customs.

Old friend of mine ❤ Chai has both really cute templates and digital artwork, so check it out ~

  1. Well I love all of the heads and bodies everyone is making! The people are wonderful and I hope to see more heads and bodies soon! Loving all the websites too!

    • I do find the heads wonderful too. I also like how there are always new looks and Latte comes and brings them!

  2. Latte is wonderful! she has LOTS of ideas BUT cme on post SOME animated – gif art work!

  3. aww ty for adding my link

  4. pink should add gfx

  5. i xant to know how much are the head ;D

  6. Hey latte!! <33 add my blog too! :3 it's :3 thanxx!!<33333

  7. Hey! Could you please add my blog onto your site like to advertise mine please? It’s got really cool updates and its soon gonna like Do’s and Donts like for clothing..

  8. Hello Latte 😀 can you please put this website? It’s called !! It would be really helpful if you would 🙂 Piggy’s assistant~~ ❤

  9. Hey Latte! If you ever care to see why I wasn’t on, check my blog again and read more in the “About” tab. And, I’m sorry. Would you please put my blog back on again? ❤ I missed you.

  10. Also, could you please put my blog back on? <33thanks

  11. hey latte im a big fan of ur blog all ur heads are amazing 🙂 i was just wondering if maybe u could add my blog to ur links if u could that would be great thanks.

  12. oh if u can my blog is

  13. Thanks latte! ILY! Btw for anyone who wants to join my guild its called a Willows Beauty! Enjoy wiltgraphix, and I will be updating it again soon!

  14. i was wondering if you could add my blog to your list, its

  15. paige from xoxo

    hey idk if u know me but look me up on graal so we can be friends

  16. Hello Latte! Its me PoPular KinG 🙂 I made a website :p can you please put it up?

  17. i loooove this web im already uploading a body from this website

  18. hey latte,your website is awesome !!!!! 🙂

  19. Pls add my web too!

  20. Latte can u add my blog?

  21. add website please its called 😀

  22. ;o not the best recolors/edit’s but a liddo good 🙂

  23. Mineeee? C: Sexy edits but not the best around xD !

  24. plzz add mine?

  25. Hey, can you add my site? I love your website and all your work! Here’s mine:

  26. Latté can you help find a certain body?

  27. Hey latte it’s wilt. sorry about the mix-ups and stuff about my website. if you want to post it in the future, here it is

  28. Latte can u please add my blog?

  29. I made a new website. :0 Could you take a look at it and maybe add it, Latte? Thanks (:

  30. Hey latte ❤
    I was wondering if u could add my blog 😉

  31. I added yours 😀

  32. ?
    I was thinking maybe put our website on <3? :DD
    your website is amazing! btw and i love the top header picture thingy ~.~lol
    Thanks KBAI<33

  33. Will you add my gfx please 🙂

  34. could you add my site? o: c:

  35. can you add my website? C;

  36. Can you add Thanks we’ve added urs ^.^

  37. Hey can you add my website? its ^^ we added yours aswell.

  38. Hello 😀 can you add our website? Thanks c:

  39. destinygraal

    Hey latte 🙂 can you add my website? ,thanks xx 🙂

  40. please add

  41. add mine? o can getlatest uploades and gfx

  42. can you add mine? C;

  43. {DERPTASTIC} graal

    Thanks for adding my website 🙂

  44. thanks xx I added urs x

  45. please C; xxxx

  46. I used to be the owner of the graal boutique, but deciding that just putting heads that I didn’t make on a site wasn’t enough.!
    Will you please check it out and give me your thoughts?

  47. DexilRoze RoXa

    Hi latte can you add my website please? 🙂

  48. add :3

  49. can u add mine :)? ^^ ;3 y added ur

  50. Plz add my blog

  51. Hai. Idk if its rude but judging from your previous comments I guess its not. I’m a HUGE FAN (and I mean HUGE) of your website and I was wondering if you could add me on your friends list? I’m really new, but I’m also very dedicated. I do know how to do gifs , fyi, I just haven’t posted any yet because my laptop hates me xD. So yeah. And also, I would add yo back, and I know how to do hyperlinks and shizz.

    Ty so much,
    xo Scar

  52. Add mine plz? plz add mine!

  53. Hello dearest Latte! ;3 I was womdering if you could put my blog back in cos I’m technically no longer inactive. xD It would be highly appreciated! Thank you

    Still loving your work since forever,

    Chai :3


  55. hello if you dont mind adding my website to the list that would be great i am a news website

  56. hello if you added my website i want to let you know i changed my domain its now thanks 🙂 so errorsblog website link will no longer work i suggest changing it

  57. dear god, add me. I love ur posts c: add back?

  58. Add I make heads and bods and just blog about random stuff I do XDD


  59. i know this would probably be lost In one of the other comments… but it would be great if u could add me. u are probably busy with life and everything…. but doesn’t hurt to ask d:?
    btw… I really love ur art ur customs… its amazing (:

  60. Hello Latte crew (: ! I was being curious if you guys could add my website up there >:U ?

    Anyway I have always loved your gfx since I started grail 3 years ago. Keep up the good work!

    With love and sexiness Vanessa *leaves bag full of cookies* hehe

  61. Can uadd my site? I already added yours into mine

  62. Hey~ can you add my site maybe? Just started so there isn’t much there yet ;o

  63. Could yuh please add mine? 😮
    xxx Luv Yu 🙂

  64. and mine plzzz :

  65. Can u please add mine

  66. ❤ add us!

  67. Hai Charmheart (aka Latte) please add our site!!

    We added yours already!! :3
    Than Chuu~
    -Luna E. n Gumi E.

  68. can u add mine plz?

  69. yunasakuragraal

    other gfx friends.

  70. I love your site, I’m pretty much a noob, 2014! yeah… well, I have a new gfx that is slightly terrible. I will not ask you to add it, but if you just have to, I guess you can. I just discovered your site and it’s great. Maybe you can add some more recent things? Well, I’ll stop bugging you. 😀

  71. Could you consider adding ours?
    I know everyone wants to be adverted but the strong help the weak to grow stronger c:

  72. pleaseee add ours! i love LOVE LOVEEE your graphics!! i want to upload them all but im broke ;-;

  73. Can you add mine? I already added you. Mine is

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