How to Upload on Graal

If I haven’t gotten this question a thousand times, then a million. xD It’s unsafe to let random people upload your customs for you, so you should learn how to do it yourself! c: NOTE: You must use a computer.

  1. Pick or make the head/body/sword/shield. Make sure it’s saved in a place you can find it easily. (iOS note: DON’T SAVE YOUR CUSTOMS FROM YOUR iOS DEVICE. It will automatically save as a .jpg; while uploads accept .jpgs, your iOS device will mess up the quality.)
  2. If you play Classic, go to If you play Era, go to . If you play Zone, go to .
  3. Put in your email, attach the file, and make sure you put in the right file type. Set Transparency is if you have a colored background. Don’t click on it if your custom is already transparent in the back!! Like for example, if you’re uploading any of my head customs from this website (unless otherwise specified), then you don’t have to click on Set Transparency because I’ve already made the back transparent.
  1. Breanna (KiwiGurl)

    Awesome work latte!!!

  2. love it so easy!

  3. I like your heads, body’s everything!!!THEIR SO CUTE I LOVE THEM!!!!

  4. can u change for me plzzzz the sweet neko girl head to purple a dark shade plzz if u cant i understand 😀

  5. Thxs ur a really nice person nice meeting u on graal 🙂

  6. i cant upload urs >.> says size is to big

  7. I really want a body my name in graal is starfire tiffany look at my status i honor u and JANI

  8. Ilovefashion189

    Always says pixels are to big

  9. The website doesnt open in the UAE

  10. ShadeyFromGraal

    its Shadey!nice site latte

  11. good jop thats amazing

  12. thx charmheart i will make a costom once I get internet thx again

  13. Ilovefashion189

    Says Pixels to big:c on heads and bodies.

  14. I love u r bodies and heads ^~^

  15. Kayla Mayarson

    omg thnx!

  16. I still don’t get it.

  17. What about I library computer

  18. i love ur heads and bodies XD thx!!! cnt wait to c new heads and bodies from u!! ur the best add meh on graal Lexi ❤

  19. plz make more new heads + bodies!!!!!

  20. Water-Breeze

    do they cost gralats?

  21. how to u recolor heads??? u can pm me on graal and tell me ^~^ my name is T+*

  22. Omfg latte your work is so good it should be real outfits in real life!!! just check out my blog


  23. I love your heads and bodies 🙂 How do you make a head blink?I pmed you on graal,my name is +Melz+Melissa on graal 😉

  24. 😀 great job latte!! as being a great graphics designer id say your works are excellent.

  25. Again, i might be the only BOY in this blog, but i don’t care, i go on this as my sister in real (iHailey in graal) wants a head, but i just help her edit, but I’m tired of editing, so i told her this site 😛

  26. Do I really have to use a computer or can I use a iPod? Also how long does it take to download

  27. Latteeee, you can upload from mobile now!

  28. i really dont know how to download these things.Can you tell me how to download them step by step please??? :/

  29. I  your customs! 

  30. latte,never delete this awesome site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ur customs inspire me and everything.Im gonna ride in fashion on graal xD

  31. Can you make a cute pink head to go with the pink retro body?

  32. Can I do it on my iPad?

  33. Summerrain

    Umm do i have to be a memeber to upload

  34. its not free .-.

  35. Does it have to be a computer

  36. canillagraal

    awesome latte! can you make that dress that has bunny slippers please? ive been trying but cant come out nice.Thanks!!

  37. ok so like for the people who cant understand to change the size with the pixels .. just save the photo and then go and right click it and press edit.. then press re-size and you will see it has a pixel re-size, then re-size to 32×560 🙂 this should solve your problem indefinitely!! have fun graalians 🙂

    • Thanks Caleb!! 😀 Is this for PCs or Macs?

      Another thing that usually helps save the head/body in its original size is clicking on it first before saving. Typically when you click on it, it’ll direct you to the “full file” in its original size. This applies to Graal Depot as well, even though sometimes they upload original templates in the wrong sizes.

  38. I like the work

  39. It’s not working=.=

  40. CøøkieMosteh

    Ugh i want an upload 😦

  41. Nice work!!!!

  42. wait does it cost real money or something?

  43. or graal money?

  44. I want uploader 😦

  45. I dont know e-mail 😦

    • It’s the email you use for your Graal account. If you don’t know what it is, you may need to set an email in your account for it to work. Go to your profile > options > then fill out the “email” section.

  46. Hey latte i have a head i neeeed edited can u do it for me and if so can i email u

  47. I really can’t do it

  48. Can it be in a iPad

  49. ImJustEmilycx

    Whenever I upload a body,it says that the background is visible. I tried uploading it with the ‘Set Transperacy’ box ticked,and without it ticked. It still says that the background is visible on graal. What do I need to do? ;-;

  50. Is that website u gave us for online era+ to?

  51. about how much gralats do you need to pay

    • It says on the website but 20,000 for a head, 10,000 for a body, 2500 for a personal shield (only you can wear it) and 1000 for a public shield (anyone can wear it).

  52. Haii there ..can u pls edit a body for me pls has hair extensions can u pls remove it i understand if u cant ..if u can and u have fb ill send the file to u pls

  53. It says (Invalid file extension: .jpg. Try saving the file using a different program!) pls help

    • If you saved the file on an iOS device, it probably won’t work. Most iPhones/iPads save it as .png. You’ll need to make sure you’re saving it from a computer.

  54. Where would u be bawl to store the upload at

  55. will you make a gfx head that blinks and it has long hair w/ extension body thx

  56. if that takes too long then you have these long hair people w/ bangs just make there eyes blink and tougue stick out that is perfection 🙂

  57. Nouchone Fairless

    Do you have to have a computer? Or can you use any device? Because I have an IPad mini and where can I find files?

  58. Your heads are not working 😔

  59. i have used about a million different bodies that are transparent in the background and when i try and upload them, it says there is a visible background like WTF game?! I just want to have a cool body! Do you know why?

    • and also I’m looking for a white cat body cause i already bought the head and i don’t want to just waste 20000 gralats C:

  60. Latte can you upload a head for me? It’s the female head on graal depot. It’s the one with blue with pink ends with glasses and blinks. I’ll pm u my email but please answer as soon as possible


    • Sorry I haven’t responded til now; haven’t logged on in a long while. But thought I’d answer because others might have the same question.

      You can do 2 things:
      1) remove the background(make it transparent) and save as a .png. How you remove the background will depend on your program; google “how to set transparency in (your program name here)”
      2) make the background 1 single color, and then click “set transparency” when uploading.

  62. What does it mean by the right file type?

    • Has to be .png; it does accept .jpg, but .jpg’s tend to mess up the colors/background, making it harder to upload.

      iOS devices automatically save images as .jpgs, no matter what original file type. That tends to mess with people’s uploads as well.

  63. How do I make my iPhone save pictures to JPEG instead of jpg?im really getting frustrated with this?

    • Jpeg and jpg are the same file type. You need to save the files as .png. Currently, iOS devices do not save .png files. You’ll need to use a computer to save the files as .png.

  64. What’s ur nickname on era and guild if u play, then we can chat through pm about the heads Ty.

  65. Can u make a head with blue bangs and Aqua hair and can u tell me how to get a upload

  66. Do you really have to use a computer? I have no access to one at all

  67. Andrea shecapio

    I really want a head and my name in graal is A N D R E A S H E C

    L👀k for me ‼️⬅️➡️⬆️⬇️

  68. B!B! from graal classic

    I need help I edited a head of mine and I just colored it and it says on graal classic upload that its not the corrects pixels how do i make it the coreect pixel or could you it for me? any help anyone please

  69. LOL,OMG graal opload😍😍😍😍😍😍😍Cant tak it anymore,LOL

  70. Can any one please upload head for me pleaee

  71. I just know how in computer put in iPhone i don t know how can any one help me

  72. cuteeeee

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