is currently CLOSED.

Due to inactivity, I will be closing Etoile for a while.

I may reopen it later on, to give Etoile a fresh new start. But for now, adieu<3

Love, Latte


  1. Can u make the hide and seek prize a blinking one xD!!!! Cuz I never had a blinking customized head :/ Ever Dx!! Oh and <Latte's biggest fannnn3

  2. Awsome! ;D i luv the scarfs & the heads ^~^ ;D

  3. can u make me a girl hoody thx

  4. Can you make one with headphones? :3

  5. Latte I love your work! Keep it comming!! Your heads were my first ever customs on graal ❤ add my website?Taytaygfx.weebly.com

  6. One_to_be_unknown_

    I LOVE ur site, and I just wanna say that ur coustoums are great, so keep this stuff coming 🙂

  7. I want one of those hoddie boddies

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