Monthly Archives: August 2012

Help ;-; Free Custom Head Contest

That’s right – I’m doing a free custom head thing. This is because I can’t think of any new pixel art to post and everything I do looks like blahhh. I need practice, and to practice I need ideas. xD So if you’d like a free custom head, post your request here:

All the rules are explained on the thread – please read them. xD Don’t forget that, to post your request, you need to make an account on there first if you haven’t yet. This will end on August 29th, 2:45pm PST.


Wanna see some of the surrealism I’ve been up to?

It’s not very surrealistic really ;-; I’m still working on just painting people, and my anatomy is completely off. So I’ve been working on just drawing people at the moment. Here’s one peek –

So yeahh.. I still got a long way to go, but I’m happy with where I am so far! I’m painting as much as I can so my college portfolio looks awesome. I’d post pixel art, but I tried pixel art today, and lawrd it looks tragic LOL… I’ll have to get on top of my pixel art when I get more time ;-; Cya for now! ❤


EDIT: OMG 100,000 BLOG VIEWS. OOOOOOOOOOOO SNAP. okayokay I definitely gotta do some celebration pixel art for this. BE BACK SOON. ;-; THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT GUYS ❤