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Modeling Logo for Aurore!

This is a logo for another modeling agency on Graal, Aurore by Riley. No, I’m not taking logo requests, because these are especially for us. c:


version 2



Étoile Modeling Agency – My Graal Guild!

Hey guys! Its been forever since I’ve updated this, huh? That’s because I took a long, long break from Graal, but I got back to it a week or so ago. I finally got a iTunes card and decided to use it to upload a custom head. Its one that I personally made, so you won’t find it on anyone else, or any recolors of it on anyone else. (And no, I won’t give you the head template or make you a head, sorry. :c I’m honestly too lazy. xD)


Back on topic. While I was back, I also made a modeling guild! (I’ll still make music videos n’ stuff, don’t worry. c:) This isn’t the kind of modeling you might do on Second Life or IMVU. It only does fashion contests and events. I may update the blog with pictures and results of the contests we do, as well as when events are so you can join too 😀


Lastly, remember that studio W.I.P I posted oh so long ago? It’s remodeled for the needs of Étoile, but look at it now: