something different.

hi guysss, summers almost over! ;-; did you like your summers? comment below what you did! 😀 the highlights of my summer was going to beach, camping and going to see my grandparents!

The Poll I made was a great help, thanks to the 100+ people who voted!
I will be posting some heads and bodies in my next post; but for now a head made by my dearest Pip Divine (Helsing) <33

Feel free to edit but make sure to credit where you got the original! If someone asks you who made your head tell them “Pip” or give them the blog url.
All credit goes to Pip; please do not take credit for her work as she has worked hard on this head for quite some time! please, do not ask me or any other site admin such as iPink Or Latte if you can have your heads/bodies posted on the blog; as Pip is one of my close friends I had an exception; but if we negotiate something out maybe I’ll do another one of these with someone else’s work another time! 🙂

Pip’s head:
do not set transparency while uploading!
Uploaded with Imgupr

if there’s any problems with uploading please comment below or message me in-game on iClassic: Rose (ET)


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  1. tell pip she did a great job! ♡

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