MIJ: Renewed Girl Heads

Hey guys, I got a detailed comment request from ‘MimiMimi’ (and yes I do actually check comments!) asking for a wavy summer head. It was a cute idea, and reminded me of the first custom head I ever made from scratch (made around 2 years ago). I finally found the file to it, and decided to edit it. I must say, it’s quite a difference, haha. Although I didn’t get to do the cool animation she requested, I put extra effort into each individual view.

So, don’t feel shy to comment head ideas! I do read them, and if I run out of ideas on my own, I definitely take ideas from previous blog comments.


Terms of Use (please read before uploading)

– Anybody is free to upload/recolor/edit any of my work that I post on this blog. My logo isn’t required for editing/recoloring.

– Please oh please credit me if you upload any of my work♥ I work hard on my free heads and bodies, and this is the only thing I ask for. I’m definitely not asking for you to change your status to credit me (although I’m touched :D ), but if somebody asks you who made your head/body, then please say “Latte” or give them this blog address. (The tinyurl is 
) Thank you for all your awesome support! Everyone’s been great about spreading the blog around Graal for me♥♥ Ily guys so much! C:


newgirl1 newgirl2 newgirl3 newgirl4 newgirl5

About Latte

Hello♥ I'm Latte. I started pixel art and posting art in this blog around the same time in Oct/Nov 2011. The main reason why I started this blog was because I loved making heads/bodies, but couldn't possibly upload them all myself, so why let them collect dust on my computer? I enjoy seeing people upload or edit the works I make. It makes me feel happy to have contributed to their Graal experience, even in the smallest way. I'd also like to thank all of my supporters; I'm so grateful for where charmheart is today, and couldn't have done it without you. Thank you!

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  1. hi can you post a jersey type hoody body. like the too big shirt with that number on it? lol thank you so much! if you already have one like it well uh can you show me sorry if I sound really rude I don’t mean too at all ❤

    if you need a picture I have one so I can just email it to you if you need it 😀

  2. I would really like it if u could make a cat girl head with cat ears and mouth and pink and blond hair thanks a bunch ^-^

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