school =_=

Hey guise c: due to exams I won’t able able to post on the exact two week mark maybe a 2-3 days after that time 😡 I’m sowwy<3 On another note I'm banned on classic for "severe vulgarity" but that's ok 'cause now Graal is not effecting my exams! I hope you all understand, especially Latte <33.

I’m still taking all the new ideas thing to mind and most of you probably mistook me for a Gfx artist xD but that’s ok because now I know what kind of stuff people are looking for! I will forward the requests to Latte and iPink and from what you guys want they could probably come out with something. (:

I wish you all a happy few more days of May! I’ll post again during my next marked day to post (around June 4)!


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