Outta ideas

Title say it all! D:

Sooooo, you guys can help me<3 just comment below some things you would like to see more from me! (I don't do Gfx to people to ask).

I'm looking for interactive things that I can involve you guys in!

I will take all suggestions to mind!

Please be descriptive in your comment, I need to know what your trying to say xD.


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  1. hey latte please add really pretty girl heads with extensions any kind will do 🙂 i know you have made some already but please make moree thankss

  2. Both boy and girl heads/bodies ?

  3. A fashion or poetry or art contest??

  4. A purple dress , & in back of it , it can say Belieber ?:3

  5. A rainbow dress Please

  6. Hm.. well, you already did a magezine art contest.. how about a fashion show? like in cmx, their was a fashion show in graal. OR you can host the best mix and match outfit? Winner gets a shoutout.. 🙂

  7. various blinking heads, maybe with bows on them idk

  8. How about a dark brown haired girl head that blinks

  9. A red head?With a fringe..long hair and long lashes..maybe a .gif?

  10. Nikki_angela

    What’s the code of the Big Rosé

  11. brown eyes, sidewept hair thats long, pretty blue eyes that blinkk alright kbye

  12. A rainbow dress with white bunny slippers

  13. Can u make a batman girls body maybe?

  14. I have some ideas!
    -bow bun head with various candy colors or normal colors
    -cute pyjama body
    -hippie head with the bandana on the head
    -oversized sweater body
    Uhmmm yea ❤

  15. melissagraal

    Some colored dress that has words on the front or back that could say
    or some kind of band like for exsample 1 direction, blahblah you get it.

    For dresses you could do some ‘community job’ types like a firefiter suit, pilot outfit, designer clothes, work outfit, a divers suit, hmm scientist lab coat, and so on!~

    Or maybe a body that is gif, so when the body is moving, different bodies would appear..

    types of heads.. well you could do a serios of anime heads, or like a head collection of disney characters/princesses..oh oh and maybe a ninja collection(both female and male) that come with matching hair color bodies with cool patterns.. and ya..

    Also, you could make some shields or swords, that are gifs! Everyone loves gifs. there perfff. Maybe include a vairity of colors or maybe a collection of shields or swords that could match a head collection!

    Ohhh and many many many people (girlsss, ecpecially) in modeling guilds ive been in seem to be stuck on prom dresses! EVen tho some other sites may have already made a prom dress collection, theres nothing wrong in making a new fresh set? Colors recommended are black, white, red, and so on. You could add a flower on the side, or a black/white belt.. your choice!!Maybe could add matching heads with the dresses? Mix n match if you know what i mean :)..

    Well, those are just SOME of the ideas i have in mind for you today 🙂 Hope it helps! I wish you could read my comment it would only take a minute or so, even tho your question for some ideas were along time ago :)..

    ❤ melissa, by the way, i am NOT m3lissa from cmx ;D ~~

    p.s i love your gfx artwork 🙂 .

  16. I have tons of ideas
    Brown hair with diamond earrings and they shine and the eyes blink lol to much for one head

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