April 3rd – CharmHeart’s 2nd Anniversary!

It’s been 2 years since I opened CharmHeart. Wow. So much has changed in my life since then. I was a high school sophomore then, and now I’m a senior, about to graduate. The growth you’re capable of in two years is mind boggling. I’m almost a totally different person.

My art’s grown a lot as well. At first, I didn’t really have a style, for both pixel art and real life illustration. It looked all over the place, like I kinda knew what I was doing, but didn’t have a direction. Now, I think I’m developing a more specific style. It’s not completely there yet, but I’m getting closer than I’ve ever been before, which is exciting.

So, thank you everyone for your support ❤ Every single one of you is the reason why CharmHeart is where it is today. I never thought the blog would get this far. Thank you all so much. Here’s some anniversary heads I made for you guys; it’s an edit of one of my old popular heads, Haunting Vampire. Also included an old head I found in the corner of my files. Enjoy ❤


haunting vampire 2013 brunette haunting vampire 2013 blonde haunting vampire 2013 ginger haunting vampire 2013 red

shy geek

About Latte

Hello♥ I'm Latte. I started pixel art and posting art in this blog around the same time in Oct/Nov 2011. The main reason why I started this blog was because I loved making heads/bodies, but couldn't possibly upload them all myself, so why let them collect dust on my computer? I enjoy seeing people upload or edit the works I make. It makes me feel happy to have contributed to their Graal experience, even in the smallest way. I'd also like to thank all of my supporters; I'm so grateful for where charmheart is today, and couldn't have done it without you. Thank you!

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