Trend update for guys!

Rose here c: I’m just gonna do a quick trend update for guys C: here we go!

So, since I’m on my iPod something isn’t working and won’t let me upload a screen shot .-. But das ok because rose can be very descriptive! xD

So, you boys ya like dark manly man stuff right? right. Ok, so lets say you are a sparrer or a Pker!

Most Sparrers wear all black clothes; why you ask? It reduces lag! It’s pretty much the same with pking.

I’m not saying you have to wear all black, it’s just like a tip! C:

That’s it for the trend update! 😀


p.s- sorry for the short update guys, I'm a bit rusty on ideas. 😦 I promise to do a wayyyy better update next time! ❤


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