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Bonsoir, Hola, and Hello!

Bonsoir, hola, and hello!

Back after 14 days. I have a 14thly cycle, where every time there’s an update I add to a new 14 day article. Busy bee! Anyways, short one today.

Monday, March 04

There are baby chicks with the larger chickens in Onnet now! Come get some for your home! Those chicks are so adorable! I have to say, I bought 3 for myself..

Wednesday, March 06

Push Notifications work again! They also work in Classic+ now! It’s automatically sending a push message if someone tries to contact you, and you are not online on Classic. You need to enable Push Notifications in the options. Happy messaging!

Thursday March 07

Railroads will be added back to the world map. You will see in places like Snowtown and Swamptown where Gnomes are hard at work on the new railroads for you!

*same day*

Winter may be over, but you can find two cool new hats at The Mad Hatter in Snowtown!

Monocle Top Hat: 8,000 G’s Red Mask and Scarf: 2,500 G’s

Sunday, March 10

The March VIP item is up. Enjoy the little leprechaun, they are much, much smaller than last year’s VIP item.

Sunday, March 10

St. Patrick’s Day items are now available at the Onnet General Store.

Pot of Gold Chair: 700 G’s Rainbow Cloud Table: 1,200 G’s Clover Crown: 5,500 G’s Clover Mask: 2,500 G’s St. Patrick’s Day: 1,200 G’s Rainbow/Green Top Hat: 8,000 G’s Mini Leprechaun Hat: 6,000 G’s St. Patty’s Day Hat: 3,200 G’s Clover Bomb: 8,000 G’s

Wenesday, March 13

GraalOnline Era+ is free today! Get it at:


Friday, March 15

Nexus is now open for the weekend! Come check some awesome new hats/masks and three new horses! Those special items are a surprise, so sorry, but I will not be listing them.

Thanks for reading! Hope you get all you can out of Nexus, and all the St. Patrick’s Day gear! As always, you may feel free to comment, and contact me, Gwen.

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