Hey guys, aight so I’m gonna do the magazine contest winners first!

In first place we have Auralee with her flashy pink outfit

“Who doesn’t love pink?”
In second place comes potato with her gardening look

“Since spring is near”
And in third place comes D!amond with her snobby blonde barbie look!

“Hairflips every two seconds while fluttering their eyes”
Congrazzles to the winners c: and if you didn’t get picked yours was still really good. :0 ❤

Kay, now I'll do the trend update (kinda).

Kay, so on classic the new spring tiles have come and everything is so nice and green and I found like these super cuties with spring looks! ❤


Dresses and flowers would look really cute this time of year, have you changed your attire?



Posted on March 11, 2013, in Miscellaneous. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Um, I would be ‘Gabby’ and can you please change gabby to d!amond x3 I didn’t mean to put my real name…

  2. i like all of them they are so cute

  3. hi can you please help me with my blog and i would like you to let me be able to co ooperate in posting on your blog :}

  4. uh? why do u always say ” Hairflip? ” its so annoying just cuz u think ur awesome u always say that to me -.-

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