Ba Da Dum Da Duuuuuuh! #1

(these breaking news posts will have numbers — example: #82 = 82nd post of breaking news)

Ba da dum da duuuuuuh! Gwen here, with breaking news.

     The server was down for about two hours today in the early afternoon, due to sever changes.

          Yes. This means… Spring 2013 is officially on Graal!

     I noticed a lot of people are complaining that they don’t like the trees. I find that they aren’t the best, but they’re not ugly either. What do you guys think? I really like your opinions.

And because the snow’s away, the bugs come out to play!

     You can find these critters everywhere around the map. Especially worms. Just grab your shovel and net, and you can find them anywhere. The only thing is, they sell for only one gralat each.

     Please be respectful about the bugs and everything associated with it. You can definitely kill a person to get a bug; that’s the game. But what I mean, is that if people already have the bugs captured, why do you need to prevent them from entering the Witch’s Hut? This causes a big commotion, and in my point of view, is unnecessary and can be avoided. I apologize for my rant, but please take what I just said into consideration.

So tell me, do you guys like winter or spring?

Forever autumn,


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Graal: Cassidy Citrine -CeCe Bee- (Myst)


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  1. for iDevices or just PC?

  2. KittyGraal,
    Both. Thanks for commenting (:

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