Hello My Beautiful Readers!

Hello, it’s Gwen. I’ve got good news, and bad news.
Good News: Not too many updates to read.
Bad News: Not too many updates for Graal.

I do want to apologize, because this was supposed to be uploaded yesterday (still no excuse) and because I didn’t get any Presidents Day hat pictures. So:

Saturday, February 16
The free version of Graalonline Zone is up! Get it on the app store. I find that once you get used to Zone, you will find it easier to use. At first it’s hard to understand, but you’ll catch on quick.
Sunday, February 17
Two hats for Presidents Day have been added to the Onnet General Store. Today (the 29) they are gone. I hope you got them while they were available to you all.
Monday, February 18
Two additional Presidents Day hats have been added to Onnet General. All items currently in the store will be there until Wednesday, February 20th. “HAPPY PRESIDENTS DAY! ~ :)”. (Sorry if you couldn’t get it while it was available.)
Wednesday, February 20
The shop inside of the Castle has been restocked with eight brand new hats! Check them out.
Emperor Hat: 1,500 G’s
Horn Hat: 3,000 G’s
Ruby Helm: 2,800 G’s
Knight Helm: 2,500 G’s
Hood: 4,200 G’s
Hood/Shoulder Pad: 3,800 G’s
Blackwing Hood: 4,200 G’s
Blue Hood: 4,000 G’s
Saturday, February 23
The horse stable in York Town has a new 2-person mount! The Rhino! Head on over and look at this, and other mounts here!
Rhino: 40,000 G’s
Tuesday, February 26
New Soldier Helm and Tribal Skull mask hats have been added to World of Mirth! Make sure to check these 2 cool hats out soon!

Soldier Helm: 1,000 G’s
Tribal Skull: 4,200 G’s

*same day*

This is what you’ve all been waiting for.. *drum roll*
Charm Heart has gotten Facebook! Make sure to like it, as I’m sure Latte will keep you posted.
You can expect to see another update from me in 14 days, and hopefully we’ll have more updates.
Have a fantastic weekend,
You can contact me at:
Skype – frizzfantastics
Email – cassidycitrine@gmail.com
Graal – Cassidy Citrine -CeCe Bee- (Myst)

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  1. Hello, Gwen! It’s cm, here. I’m in the guild secret and axel (admin) was talking to me about events. He happened to mention that the events sumo, survivor and freeze tag will no longer be hosted, due to the AP system. Just wanted to let you know! If you happen to post it OKN the website, please give me credit for telling you. Thanks!

    • Hello CM,

      I’m glad that you have brought this to my attention. I will give you credit for the information but I would like to know more about it. Please contact me, through:
      Skype – frizzfantastics
      Email – cassidycitrine@gmail.com
      Graal – CassidyCitrine -CeCe Bee- (Myst)

      I would definitely like to hear more from you,

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