Now, it’s your turn

Hello my fellow human beings, others. 😉 I’m a bit late but xD that’s ok because uhm idk, just because. So, like I promised I have a new segment for you. *confetti* So, this is for iDevice players so if your not on iDevice I’m still on the search for something similar for you! Ok so, it’s time for you to be a stylist, it’s time for you to have your styles posted on the blog. It’s time for you….to make your own animated magazine cover! Basically, it’s a FREE app from the App Store that lets you dress up a model, choose their clothes, hair, accessories and more!
Click that link on and on iDevice a little thing will pop up saying “Open in App Store” press yes and you will be directed to the App Store, the app is free! Once you have the app the challenge begins. I want you to create a magazine cover of your choice, email me it at and explain your covers look, tell me why you chose that look in detail. I will pick the top 3 best detailed ones and post it on the blog, the deadline will be March 10 2013.
Ok, if you have any questions email me; again or comment below! 😀


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