well, I’m back-ish!

well, I'm back-ish!

Hey guize, I’ve been away for a few days because recently my dad got into a car crash and I couldn’t post anything. :c Fortunately I had a Mix n’ Match saved on my phone xD so, here it is c:!

(Starting from the left!)
Okok, so I really like this look. Look kinda serious o.o but like, it’s super cute c;
It’s like a fashionista kinda look! (Woah, you can do a lot of hairflips with the hair!) the dress is from the amazing Lattè c: I really like how she made the patterns so like, if your kinda janked in the head right now the body is from Charmheart.wordpress.com aka, the site your on now. :p Head is from the amazing Ray Frappe>RayFrappe.wordpress.com

Ok, next one, this look brings out your inner cuteness and quirkyness c; because you be da’ quirk yo! (Woah o.o being from UK I never thought I’d say that xD)
The body is plaid, and I don’t like plaid often but ermergerd, this body is just amazing. xo it’s from mooshoos site! Mooshoogfx.wordpress.com
The heads eyes are so big and cute >_< OMG cuteness attack! I really like the hair xD idk what else to say I’m tired. Body is from AbbyRed and NerdyBunnys site! Redvelvett.wordpress.com

Last one c:
I recently had this redhead 😉 (I’m a ginger (red head) irl if ya didn’t know.) I think this look is really sporty, most pink/red colours don’t look so good together but I really think this look pulls it off!
wow, I’m bad at these xD sorry, body AND head from NerdyBunny&AbbyRed’s site again c: redvelvett.wordpress.com

Okay guys, sorry for not being on lately and making this post really messy. Promising I’ll post on erm, Thursday again with a brand new thing I’ve been working on. 😉 Keep bloggin’!


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