Hey There Guys…

Hey there guys.. Today’s the 16th, so I will be doing my 16thly report! I also wanted to ask you guys, do you think I should be doing this once a week (if so pick a day) or every 14 days, which is a deadline. Comment below!

Saturday, February 02

Nafets River Hatshop has received two new hats, the red mage and a new wings hat. Personally, I think that they are overpriced, but they’re still really cool.
Red Mage: 6200 G’s
Wings Hat: 5500 G’s.

*same date*

GraalOnline Zone+: Price has dropped down to $0.99 to celebrate the release of Robot Pets! They can be programmed and they will follow you everywhere! Get it on the app store.

Sunday, February 03

The Classic introductory video just reached 50k views! “Thanks for the support, and have fun playing GraalOnline Classic!” Watch it at:

*same day*

Did somebody say football?! Onnet General Store has some football helmets and foam fingers to show your spirit! Each hat is only 500 Gralats, so make sure to grab ’em up before they’re gone!

Thursday, February 07

The Mad Hatter in Snowtown has once again received two new hats! Fire up that lantern, and check these two new hats out!

Travelling Legend: 2500 G’s
Long Winged Helm: 4500 G’s

Sunday, February 10

Happy Chinese new year! Pick up your cute little dragon hat in the Onnet General Store for 250 Gralats!

Tuesday, February 12

The February VIP item is up! An awesome alien mount! “Enjoy! :)”

Wednesday, February 13

A new item has arrived in the Onnet General Store! Stop by and buy this CUTE little kitty-kat morph!

Sweetheart: 2500 G’s

Thursday, February 14

Love is in the air today, so why not celebrate it in the clouds? Join Father White in the Sky Chapel and give this day an event to remember with your loved ones!

*same day*

If you’ve had a lonely Valentine’s Day, you have our condolences. However, there’s always the Singles Bar under Nafet’s River Bridge as a last resort. You may win over someone — or something– just yet!
You guys can definitely contact me at:

Skype: frizzfantastics
Email: cassidycitrine@gmail.com
Graal: Cassidy Citrine (lovestruckk)

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