Mix And Match

Mix And Match
Rose here. c: for my first real post I’d like to start off with a segment I like to call Roses Mix And Match (yes, it’s lame. xD) anyways, in this segment I’ll give you an idea on what heads and bodies look good together, so I’ll start with the first one :0!


I think the skin tones go good together, the eyes and the coat color of the shirt look cute! C:

Head from: mimigfx.wordpress.com
Body from: cmxgfx.wordpress.com

Now for #2!

Okaay, this is super cute, sorry I couldn’t put the head on properly on the body. xD So, what I like about this look is the coat, it has a UK flag and being from London and all ;D yenno. The head is super adorable, it brings some elegance to the look. ^_^ *Color changeable body*

Head from: mimigfx.wordpress.com
Body from:lovejjgfx.weebly.com

-Rose x

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  1. Those styles are :00 awesssommmeeee!!!!!

  2. Please!! Make a Japanese style body and head, and I be glad to upload it! I <3. Thank you

  3. How did you edit it to have the head on top of the body?

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