Rule of Life #134: Bodies > Heads

As a careful fashionista, I have come to believe that bodies are more important than heads. If you’re tight on gralats, this article might be useful for you.

Sure, alright, I’ll admit it. As an artist, heads are wayyy easier and more fun to make xD Heads are like 10 poses or something, whereas bodies are almost 80!!

But, as a strategic spender, let’s look at it in a functional way. How many times have you thought  “Oh darn, I don’t have a body for the wedding/party” or “My look is getting pretty repetitive…”? If you spent 20,000 on two bodies instead of one head, there’s a better chance of you not getting into that situation. And honestly, the best looking one at the party or hangout is normally not the one with the best head, but the best body + shield combo.

Also, compare to real life. You have to deal with one type of head every day xD But you have lots of outfits! Thinking of it like that might help you resist getting head-itis– the condition of having an urge to buy lots of heads.

Thus, in the long run, two bodies are more beneficial than one head.  If you’d like to know, at the moment, I have 2 heads and 14 bodies. (I’ve uploaded more heads in the past, but refunded when I never wore them.)

Lastly! I thought I should release my profile for you guys to reference against posers. ♥ (Pssst, The Secret Society is my spam/picture sharing guild.) But do know that I don’t add everyone because my friends list is already incredibly confusing o-o So don’t be offended if I don’t add you!! D: I still love you! Really!

About Latte

Hello♥ I'm Latte. I started pixel art and posting art in this blog around the same time in Oct/Nov 2011. The main reason why I started this blog was because I loved making heads/bodies, but couldn't possibly upload them all myself, so why let them collect dust on my computer? I enjoy seeing people upload or edit the works I make. It makes me feel happy to have contributed to their Graal experience, even in the smallest way. I'd also like to thank all of my supporters; I'm so grateful for where charmheart is today, and couldn't have done it without you. Thank you!

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  1. Can you please post the head at the top? Its the only one you havent posted, and I really want it! THANKS!

  2. I meant the other one but thats pretty!

    • oh…. LOL /thatawkwardmoment… xD That other one was my personal, so I’m not posting it, but you can find it in a different color wayyyyy in the begginning of this blog. Like early december I think I posted it

  3. I didnt see it, but cute!

  4. Did u make the bodies with belts and wings?

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