MIJ: Hot Man-Hunting Gear <3 + A Note

LOL. Anyway. =u= My note is that I have an imposter walking around Graal City. Her name is also Latte, and she has a blog in her status. In that blog, she’s been stealing my art and claiming it to be her own. What she’s doing is illegal, and I’m going to get authority involved. So, if you see her, discard her. You know it’s the real me when it has this blog’s address in my status and with a “Taken by Potenza/Tenzy (same person lul)” above that =u=

Terms of Use

– Don’t claim this to be your own work!! If people asked you who made the item, I’d appreciate if you said ‘Latte’ or gave them this blog’s address. I’m trying to get this website more popularity, so if you could help by just saying those simple things… Thanks<3

– You may recolor. Logo is not necessary.

For Fane:

About Latte

Hello♥ I'm Latte. I started pixel art and posting art in this blog around the same time in Oct/Nov 2011. The main reason why I started this blog was because I loved making heads/bodies, but couldn't possibly upload them all myself, so why let them collect dust on my computer? I enjoy seeing people upload or edit the works I make. It makes me feel happy to have contributed to their Graal experience, even in the smallest way. I'd also like to thank all of my supporters; I'm so grateful for where charmheart is today, and couldn't have done it without you. Thank you!

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