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Logos for Willow Modeling Agency~




MIJ: Recolor Mania?!!

Wow, I had a TON of requested recolors recently. After doing so many recolors, it’s hard to get back to doing original artwork.. BUT DON’T WORRY, I’ll get back to it soon! Plus, I tried to put a cool original spin to all these recolors. Tried to, anyway.

(P.S. This blog is probably going to turn into a blend of recolors and original artwork, since I can’t satisfy all of my requests with original artwork.)

Terms of Use

– Don’t claim any of these to be your own work!! If people asked you who made the item, I’d appreciate if you said ‘Latte’ or gave them this blog’s address. I’m trying to get this website more popularity, so if you could help by just saying those simple things… Thanks<3

– You may recolor any of these. My logo will not be necessary.