Daily Archives: December 19, 2011

MIJ: Head Requested by im3w<3

Requested by iM3w on Graal. I made two versions for you all to enjoy. Hope you like it<3


Terms of Use

– Do NOT claim you made it. If people ask who made it, you don’t have to give the blog address, but I’d greatly appreciate it <33

– If you’d like to recolor this head, you may. My name on the head isn’t required. I’d appreciate, however, if you showed me your finished product. C: Whether in a comment or emailing me at the blog’s email, charm.haerts@gmail.com . šŸ˜€


New Coquette Agency Logo ~


MIJ: Xmas Body & Head Special! :D

I was originally NOT going to do recolors because I definitely don’t enjoy them… But since from-scratch items would take too long, and Christmas is around the corner, I decided to do it just this once. Enjoy!

Terms of Use

– Do NOT take off my name/logo on either items.

– I would not appreciate a recolor of this recolor. My other from-scratch items will beĀ availableĀ for recolors, though. Ā Thanks!