Graal Codes (FYI- mostly for girls!)


These are some Graal codes I like. I use the iPad 2, and I’ve tried all of these codes on the Graal app. They all work. This will definitely be updated!

setshield heartbeat-shield.gif – glowing blue circle w/ white glow
setshield soulmistressheart-bypavilion75-shield.png- big heart necklace
setshield ipanda-shield1.png – heart w/ panda necklace
setshield j-cutie-shield.png – I’m with Cutie sign
setshield jp-censored-beatingheart.gif – beating heart
setshield kawaiisaria-shield.png – detailed heart shield
setshield lolli-glow001.png – body glow- only for men
setshield lovenecklace_shield.mng – love necklace, turns many colors
setshield microphone-shield.png – microphone
setshield mynana-shield.gif – banana
setshield mystglass-shieldbig.mng – big glass shield
setshield newmoon-shield.gif – big cool detailed red shield
setshield noxflover-shield.png – cute small detailed flower
setshield noxdoc-shield.gif – black shield with medic cross pulsing
setshield pix-pulse-necklace.gif – necklace with word ‘pulse’, changing colors, white shine
setshield sakurisblu3andp1nkfl4shingsc4rfandnecklace.gif – red scarf, with pulsing colors of S
setshield sash-lute-shield.gif – ukelele
setshield skullstaff-shield.gif – plain skull staff
setshield slagsheart-shield.gif – black beating heart
setshield sn0w-cut13-n3ck13c3-shield1.png – necklace with word snow
setshield straw-berry.png – necklace with word straw in berry colors
setshield stylez-elite-suit-shield-1.gif – awesome black tux with wand
setshield stylez-elite-suit-shield-2.gif – awesome white tux with wand
setshield stylez-elitesuit-shield.png – transparent tux; tux is color of body
setshield tseng-shield.gif – blue shield that pulses down
setshield symm-wingscarf-lightblue-shield.png – light blue wings and scarf
setshield stellabella_blackheart_wings.png – black wings with heart necklace
setshield Andy-gothic-bunny-shield.png – black boyish wings and scarf and red cross necklace
setshield crazys_bubble-gum.gif – animated pink bubble
setshield alinas_glow_shield_purple.png – huge glow in front of you. also in red, orange, and green.

About Latte

Hello♥ I'm Latte. I started pixel art and posting art in this blog around the same time in Oct/Nov 2011. The main reason why I started this blog was because I loved making heads/bodies, but couldn't possibly upload them all myself, so why let them collect dust on my computer? I enjoy seeing people upload or edit the works I make. It makes me feel happy to have contributed to their Graal experience, even in the smallest way. I'd also like to thank all of my supporters; I'm so grateful for where charmheart is today, and couldn't have done it without you. Thank you!

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  1. Jivani Roldan

    Do u know the code that’s a black beating heart???

  2. Hey Tete, Bek here. Thanks for the codes, they are really good! And goodluck in pursuing your Graal Career in fashion.
    Best Wishes~ Bek

  3. do you know any pretty girl body codes? i dont really like kelcloak ~_~

    i wish there was a female version of druid body ~.~

    • 😮 I’m not sure what you mean; you can’t use codes to wear a body, you have to either buy a body from a body shop or upload one. ^_^

  4. I thought none of them would work but they do thanks a lot

  5. How do I put it on my person though plzzzzz help

  6. Some of them didnt work I thought u said they did work

  7. I want a new head

  8. whats the sparkle code??? i keep asking people but some doesnt remember and some just like to screw me over 😦

  9. I want a new body

  10. Is their body codes?

  11. Do you know the code for baby girl

  12. What is the code for your hair? It’s cute.

  13. All of the codes did me we’ll :3

  14. Little rely all of them…

  15. Im bored with my head and I dont like it at all lol thats all

  16. I need a new body and my old body is very old and I hate it and I need a new body on graal online,

  17. thx for all the codes,however i give people these codes for graal zone and i have been having some request for a pink cap.Do you have a code for that? name on graal zone is Hannah13.

  18. What is the code for a sparkle?? The sparkle which sparks on ur avatar..Pls wats the code..

  19. Hey charm heart I really love your blog, and the codes really help meh, especially the tux code helped a lot, my name on graal is Mikki, I’m a big fan of your blog, I wanted to Knwl of there any shops in graal where u can get bodies, since I use the Ipad2 idk how to upload bodies or heads cx

    • Hi Mikki! There is one place, called Lavender’s Body Shop. It’s marked on your map, it’s below Snowtown

      • Hey latte, I really love your heads and bodies I wish I could upload them .-. But it cost 20000 ( I mean come on it should be dropped down to 1000 or something) I started making heads and bodies ( but I suck big time ) but I was totally inspired by you to make heads and bodies , and I will continue and not give up. Add me on graal ( my name is Maria ps: I have purple hair and hours r in 100) lov lov UR heads and bodies. I will try to advertise you as much as I can :3

      • aww thanks <33 I agree about the head price, it's pretty ridiculous 😦 I hope you continue making heads and bodies, it's a fun thing to do and I'm sure you'll do great!

  20. Althea Cassandra

    I need a hair cheat pls 😦 tell me bw, your codes help me a lot 🙂 ty

  21. I need a code for green wings

  22. I need a code for green wings like NOW

  23. How,do u upload bodies if ur in ipad 4 I’m new

  24. u could improve it by putting pictures so we know what is what instead of going blind with all the codez

  25. How much does uploading costs? Pls tell 😦

  26. hi um the light blue wings and scarf shield does not work oo um plzz plzz fix it because i need to use iyt

  27. The mens body glow doesnt work

  28. Do you know the code of a golden necklace that doesn’t have words in it or a code that has a G or Z or F. ? Plz

  29. I LOVE using this site, it’s not related to this bit I feel it needs to be said, because it gives great graal tips! Awesome job!

  30. Umm do you know a colorful squirrel tail code on online era?

  31. darianny rodriguez

    Love the codes but I will love to see more of neklaces clothes and more love u I think u have a inspiring story love peace and charms also hearts love the codes!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Some of them don’t work or either its not existed

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